Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today is my 75th post - yippee!

I made a quick trip to Stephenville Monday afternoon and got back late yesterday afternoon. After 36 years living in Texas, I had never actually been to Stephenville. I hadn't been missing much. No offense to any Stephenvillites out there. Now, the drive there is very nice - lots of rolling hills, farmlands, cute little country towns - that I dig. But Stephenville itself - ah, okay.

Last night as the kiddoes and I were swimming in our pool - remember Target version, not greek goddess version, they wanted to show me some "moves". Some of these moves were in fact related to swimming, but some of them were "Kung Fu" moves! I'm guessing these came from Kung Fu Panda. It was hilarious as they grunted, and yelled and stuck out arms and legs in random sorts of patterns. Too cute!

N has been feeling slightly under the weather this week - not sick, but just not his usual "100% go" self. So, we've enjoyed a little more of some quiet activities.

I think this afternoon we'll be heading out to the "big pool" which means a slide - oh yeah, that is fun! L can go up and down the clam shell slide about 100 times in a row without a break - it's fantabulous!

Hope you are all having a great day!


Jenn Greeley said...

Never been to Stephenville either. I love the "after 36 years living in Texas" comment. It makes you sound so old, which I know your not. I've lived in Texas almost 35 years! Heh.

Ladybuggin' said...

I also have never been to Stephenville. Enjoy the pools!