Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day #3 of Fill 'Er Up

Today is Day #3 of my contest. See my post from Monday for the details. Just a reminder, you get another chance to win for every comment you make. So, if you only comment one day, you only get one chance to win!

I finally put a counter and a live feed on my blog and it was interesting to see yesterday that I either have readers from the northeast or else they accidently stumbled onto my blog - which we all know is very easy to do. This blog thing is highly addictive!

This is the week Lance is gone to Super Summer and the kids are staying with their grandparents. I'm home alone! Monday night I was able to clean both of my kiddos' rooms from top to bottom, including closets - they look great! I was able to clean out broken toys, clothes that don't fit anymore, etc - I love the feeling!

Last night, was my Bunco group. We were in the country last night and it was nice. I'm a city gal, through and through, but I have to admit, the sunset was gorgeous, the air was cooler, and I love the sounds at night in the country.

Tonight, my plans are to tackle our room and closet but with strict orders not to touch Lance's stuff. See he doesn't like it when I throw his stuff away. I'm a purger, he's a hoarder - it can be a dangerous combination at times!!

Thursday night, I'll work on the kitchen and then try to dust and vacuum the entire house.

Friday night will be a fun night. One of my Bunco pals, Emily, invited me to go to a Michael W. Smith concert with her in Houston. She said it's free, so I'm in! If any of you gals in the College Station/Houston area are interested in going with us, you are definitely invited, just let me know!

I miss my family, but I'm enjoying the time I have and trying to make the most of it. I want to be ready to play and love on them when they get home!


Jenn Greeley said...

Come on free gas! You know you can count on me to comment. Check out my blog, there's a new item...the top 500. Of course I'm at 834, but I'm excited to see if I move up. Its easy to add, just follow the directions.

Becky said...

I'd miss my family too but, I treasure those times to myself. I've always been a homebody and a loner so, I'd love getting all of that done! I should have taken advantage of Jman being gone this week to do his room!! I didn't do it! Agirl and I are leaving now to go get him and bring him home on Friday. Wish I could go to the MWS concert! I love him!!!!
It sounds like you've had lots of fun times with friends and you'll be ready to see kids again!!!
Had to get my 3rd chance in for free gas before I leave town! Sure hope I can access from my dad's computer while I am gone!!! :o)

Ladybuggin' said...

Bunco was fun last night, listening to the "city gals" (more than one) ideas on the country. Its fun to compare because I grew up in the country. I only lived in the city until I was 11 years old and of course apartment living in college. All those things you mentioned about the country is what I love about it!