Monday, June 2, 2008

Momma guilt

Have you ever had a case of Momma Guilt? My guess is that if you're alive and a momma, you've had it.

I had a big case of it the last couple of days. It all started with L, my 3y.o., early on Saturday morning. She has started waking up extremely early lately. Saturday she not only woke up extremely early, she also woke up extremely cranky. Now, those of you who know my L IRL know that she can be a shy, hide behind her momma, sweet girl, but....she can also turn into the biggest diva you've ever seen. She is a fiercely independent strong gal - her momma is proud of this (usually!)

Saturday, nothing was pleasing L - from her breakfast to clothes selection, to the way I looked at her. I am used to this from L, but this was an extreme level. And it continued on into Sunday. So bad, that the kids and I didn't make it worship, only Sunday School. The tirade continued on at lunch, in the car, at home....By 3:40, I had had it and was ready to run away.

I can honestly see how child abuse can happen. I've never hit either of my children and I wouldn't, but I definitely yelled and ran away yesterday. I tried locking myself in my room for 5 minutes, but L was beating on the door and I caved after 1 min.

The guilt?

Well, turns out sweet gal has an ear infection....she's in pain. What would I do if I were in pain and 3 and a little tempermental to begin with? I might be a little monster too!

This morning, cheery L greeted us - everything was happy, all was right with the world. She was back to calling my "silly momma" and the girl I adore was happy again.

Why oh why, don't I figure these things out? I should have known something was wrong!!! Perhaps next time, I'll get it sooner! I hope!


Jenn Greeley said...

Don't feel bad, really...don't. You had no way of knowing until now. Next time, you will know. I think as moms we try to be as perfect as possible for our children. Its not going to happen, ever....we're human too.

Becky said...

We've all been there, done that! It's all learning as we go!!