Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My friend Becky recently wrote a beautiful post on adoption and while my story is different from hers, alot of what she said is common in adoptive families. Click here to link to her beautifully written post.

Both of my kids have a unique story of how they joined our family. Both incredibly different from one another and yet God ordained the steps of their birthfamilies to bring them to be in our family. We are so thankful for the sacrifice and love that both Erin and Andrea showed. They helped to form our family and we are forever grateful.

N continues to enjoy a rich heritage with his birthmom and her family - they have included him in all the meaningful family events - he is truly a part of them and of us - we have celebrated high school graduations and weddings, we have mourned with them as they lost dear loved ones. He is blessed to have so many in his life that love him! N does not have contact with his birthfather, but we are hopeful that one day that will change.

L has the blessing of an older sister, Rachel - 11 y.o. who adores her. I always wanted a sister and I'm so thankful L will have one, even if she does grow up in a different home than ours. L doesn't have contact with either of her birthparents, but we pray one day that will change as well. Even though they are not able to be in L's life right now, we are thankful that they gave life to L.

Adoption is not a subject we discuss everyday in our house. We don't sit down and have "adoption" talks. It's more of a way of life for us. This morning while we were getting ready, N came in and said, "when you born me momma..." I gently reminded him that I didn't "born him" and without missing a beat, he said "that's right, when Erin born me..." As much as a 6 year old can understand, he does. I'm sure things will get more tricky as the kids get older and especially in the teenage years, but hopefully, they will always know they are loved.


Jenn Greeley said...

This made me cry...for joy. Even though there is a chance N or L might have some concerns when they are older. I do not doubt for a moment they will not last long, for you and Lance have given N and L the most loving home possible. God did indeed choose you and Lance to be N and L's parents.

Bri said...

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. I love to hear people's stories and it comforts and excites me to hear about your family! Thanks for sharing. I will continue to read.

circus of love said...

I love how God puts families together!!!!