Monday, June 16, 2008

Quirky, Quirky! and Fill 'Er Up! and Happy Birthday!

This post is chock-full of information!!! So read on, people, read on!

I've been tagged by my friend, Kathryn to name 6 quirky things about myself.

Wow, this will require a bit of thinking!

1) I love, no obsess, over a clean house. If I was fabulously rich, I would have a maid, ala "Alice" from the Brady Bunch who lived with us and wiped toothpaste out of the sink after every brushing...

2) I have to have a straw when drinking from a restaurant cup. I can't put my lips on their cups

3) I'm early or on-time everywhere I go. I loathe being late! Sometimes while at Baylor, if I knew I was going to be late, I just wouldn't go to class.

4) I don't believe in call waiting. If you call while I'm on the phone to someone else, I won't answer the phone.

5) I don't know how to text. Yes.really.I know it's 2008, but I don't know how.

6) I also don't know how to upload pictures from my digital camera. That's why you don't see many pics on my blog. I have to wait for Lance to do it!

There you have it....6 quirky, on to my bloggy giveaway!!!

Since I know I have some blog stalkers out there, I'm having a contest to see if you will show yourselves!!! Oh yes, people, I'm going to give away a $50 gas card. So while it won't probably fill up your tank, maybe it will buy you a gallon or two. Here's how it goes....

I'm going to post one post everyday for the next 7 days. You can make up to one comment a day for a total of up to 7 entries per person. I will put your name in the "hat" as many times as you comment this week and draw from those who comment.

So, all you lurkers, here's your chance!!! If you don't have a blogger ID, just put your name in the body of your comment. Once I draw the winner, I will ask you to email me with your mailing address, if I don't already have it!!!

And finally today, Happy Birthday to my nephew, Ollie. Ollie is 3 today and is quite the little ham. I think he's trying to give N a run for his money! Ollie loves cars and trucks and especially jeeps. He has 3 sisters and is definitely trying to keep the testorone level high in his house! HB Ollie!


Becky said...

R U Serious?! Oh my goodness!
I'm a stalker and a commentor and I want my name in that hat!!! What a funny, fun post! :o)

Jenn Greeley said...

Heh...we share some of the quirks, but I think you knew that. I can't believe Ollie is 3! Man time flies. Oh and the gas, YES! You are too generious, but I'm so in, it will totally fill up my tank...go little car, go!

Glen Funderburk said...

I want that gas.

But I've got to run. N and I have a checkers game going cause it's Quiet Time.

Ladybuggin' said...

I bet you get a ton of comments since you are giving away a gas card. Funny what people will do for a reward! I also share some of your quirks. Weird what you learn about others you know when you post something like that.

Ansbaughmom said...

So this is what you have to do to meet your lurkers!! too funny. I am friend of Kathryn's and got linked to yours through her circus!!! Good luck finding your lurkers.

Miss Mary said...

Okay Jenn - I don't want the gas card but I feel somewhat of a voyer by not fessing up. So, I am out here reading - both Kathryn's and your blogs. What can I say, I miss my old dear friends! By the way, I don't drive with my knees anymore - nor do I blog but I do at least know how to text! ;0)

circus of love said...

UR serios about finding out who stalks your blog, huh? if we can just get mary to start bloggin.