Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Have you got your Halloween Costume picked out yet? Costumes for your hubby and/or kiddos?

We are in a bit of a pickle with costumes this year.

You see....we've had the year of the train/train engineer every year for N except the one renegade year that he was Handy Manny. So, it was always a no-brainer with him. And easy, and simply boy cute. But this year, the boy, he has different ideas. His first was to be a motorized car. You know, so he could actually drive L around with him. (Cool idea, but I had visions of him running over trick or treaters plus with the price of gas, could we really afford for him to drive while trick or treating) So...we asked him to think of another idea. And what does he come up with? Vampire. So, no that is not happening. Perhaps I'm overprotective, but I'm just not really into my 1st grader as a vampire. Then genius strikes in the form of a library book. The book has several children dressed in cute costumes and one of these is a...robot. A few boxes spray painted silver, a couple of dryer vents spray painted silver, and a cute blondie who loves to speak "robot" and we've got our costume.

L, on the other hand, has only had 3 previous Halloweens and I've been in complete control of her costume. This year, however, my gal has an opinion of her own. And let's just say it's not a costume that I would have selected. However, my gal did choose something that even this momma can pull off. She wants to be a ghost. Oh, we do set our sights high, don't we? So, a ghost it is...although I do keep telling her that I'd like her to be like Casper, the friendly ghost. Not a mean one. She wants to be a scary ghost.

So, now on to Lance and I...any suggestions for cute, cheap, and easy costumes for grown-ups? 'Cause if not, we'll be forced to be soccer coach and soccer mom. Not a big stretch.

So, how about you guys... what are you dressing as?


Jenn Greeley said...

S is a witch. Nice and simple. I'm going as Mom and Shane as dad. I was thinking of getting a witch hat and going as Momma witch.

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Cute. They have such vivid imaginations at that age. I will not be dressing as anything special; just wearing a black shirt with my pumpkin earrings and bracelet. In college I was a ladybug. Go figure, but it looked adorable.

circus of love said...

My kids haven't figured that people actually make or go out and by costumes. They think everyone just goes through their dress up boxes. Whew! So Lady is a pink kitty (costume provided by my sis years ago as a gift). Dynamo has actually decided to wear his SuperMan pj's. Hubbie has promised to spray Dynamo's hair black since he is naturally blonde. Spunky has chosen Sleeping Beauty this year and has requested that her hair be sprayed pink. The baby will wear the same pumpkin pajamas that each of my kids has worn on their first Halloween...I mean Fall Festival. :)
One year, I dressed up as a skater punk...I borrowed some of John's pants a big T and converse shoes. My hair was short at the time so I gelled it into a mohawk of sorts. It was pretty funny! Totally out of character for me! No good ideas for this year.

Becky said...

Well, we parents don't dress up. Dull and boring we are!
We don't do scary costumes.
Two of J's friends are being ghosts and dad wouldn't go for that over here. One dad of one of the friends wouldn't either. So, they have cut holes in their ghost sheets and are going to be 'holey/holy ghosts'!! HA! Thought they were stretching it quite a bit to be the Holy Ghost! :o)
Then, J decided he wanted to be a skeleton. Of course not a Grim Reaper, gorey skeleton.
So, I actually made his costume today! Can't wait to post a picture on my blog!! It turned out so great and on the back we put "No bones about it, I love Jesus!". (It was either that or "I Rattle for Jesus!")
Little A is going to be the most beatiful cowgirl anyone has ever seen with her pink boots, pink rhinestoned belt, and pink hat!

blessedmomto7 said...


You can be a farmer, cowboy, Pippi Longstocking-easy all you need is a hanger for your hair and some orange hair spray 99cents. Um that's all I can think of for now! We made most of our kids costumes this year!