Monday, October 13, 2008

Pics up ahead!

We had a fun weekend. My parents were here for a visit and it was a great, relaxing time.

We played sidewalk chalk, paint, etc. We read books, went to a soccer game, and just enjoyed sometime of grandparent spoiling. Nana brought her famous pumpkin bread which has been almost completely eaten!

One of the highlights of the weekend was watching L loving on her grandpa. She is a grandpa's girl thru and thru---in the bath last night, she even said, "Grandpa is silly and Nana is nice." This was a good statement to hear since she yelled and screamed at Nana quite a bit over the weekend. Nana does still reign supreme with the boy though - N has been her boy since birth!

Now, for some pics from a couple of weekends ago at our community fall festival:

This one is one of my favorites. N LOVES to pull friends in our wagon and here he is pulling his sister. I love his willingness to help and love on his sister (at least every once in a while!) Also, take note of the lovely mum I won. This is the second plant I've won at our community parties (and only the 2nd one we've attended!)

In case you thought N had outgrown his train obsession:

And my gal, this is what she loved: Pure adventure!

We are so thankful to live in a community that does these fun events. We enjoy seeing our kids enjoy riding a pony and doing the petting zoo. But, the most fun part is seeing our friends and neighbors and having the opportunity to visit and have community with them.

Hope you and yours had a great weekend as well.


Ladybug Fanatic said...

Awesome! Looks like they are having fun and enjoying life :)

Jenn Greeley said...

Parents are great aren't they?!