Friday, October 17, 2008

This just in....

Evidently, we, in our house, are trying to set a world record for continous # of weekends in a row with illness or injury. I'm so grateful that these are not serious illnesses or injuries - nothing life threatening - just annoying!

Today, I got a call from the nurse at 1pm letting me know N had a fever of almost 102 - it has since spiked to over 102. The boy: he is still.and.quiet. Yes, he is a sick one alright, no doubt about it.

So, for weekend #5 out of the last 6, you will find me at the casa. Watching cartoons. Foldin' laundry. Bloggin'.

Lance's parents are scheduled to arrive tonight. Don't know if that will happen now or not. They (and everyone else) may want to stay away from the germ infestation that must be camped out here!

A few minutes ago, N said, "Do you know what I will wish for when I see my first shooting star?" "That germie germs would go away."

I would have to agree.

Here's hoping we don't make it into the world record books or at least not for this. We should get in for something cool, like the world's biggest lint ball or the world's biggest sidewalk chalk drawing. Ya' know something really important.

The end.

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