Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When the music stops....

So, last night, we played a little game at our house!

It's a game I don't like to play, and thankfully, don't have to play often. It's called musical beds. You know like the game musical chairs only with beds and IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Somehow, we believed once our kids were no longer newborns, we would have our 8 hours of sleep every night. This is a myth, people!!

So, it all started when sweet N tapped me and said, "I can't sleep Momma." So, he climbed in our bed and I went upstairs and got in his. Then I hear screaming from little L. She had wet her bed, so I put her in N's bed and changed her sheets and got in her bed. Then, she starts crying again, so I go get in N's bed with her. Then she starts talking about what she wants to be for Halloween and it's clearly obvious she is not going back to sleep!!!! So, I then alternate between her bed and N's and the couch for the next 2 hours until I realize, THERE WILL BE NO MORE SLEEP HAPPENING and so I got up.

L is a bit of a bear today and truthfully, I might be too.

Earlier in the week, our family slept at the church while we hosted 3 families who are homeless. This is an organization called Family Promise and is designed to help families who are struggling. Amongst the group we hosted, there were 3 parents and 10 children. They were a delight and energetic. They have faced some hard times, but are committed to turning things around. We were glad to have a small part in this. Things really are put into perspective when you realize our family of 4 brought more things to the church to spend one night than their families have at all. Makes my stupid whining just that---stupid.

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Jenn Greeley said...

I wouldn't say stupid, but it certainly puts things into perspective and makes us thankful for what we do have. I think that is why certain situations and people are put in our remind us, why we are here and what we should be doing with our lives.