Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He knows her name!

My boy, he is in love again. He was in love this summer, but he couldn't remember her name or what color she had. (Details, details) You know he's got that boy DNA running thru him!!

So, this time he knows the name of his love interest. It's Alex. She's cute, blonde, and 5 years old. He's in love with a younger woman, him being 6 and all. After school yesterday, they were playing outside and got hot so they came in for a drink of water. They got their drink and as they left the kitchen, they were holding hands. Oh me, oh my...too much for this momma! It was sweeeet.

Oh, I know it's not serious...this is the 3rd girl he has told us he would marry. Well, actually, 5th if you include his sister and me. 'Cause nothing says southern like planning to marry your sister. :)

My boy and his friends. He loves them, and they love him. The doorbell rings alot at our house, it does. And somehow it's almost never for Lance or I. Next thing you know, it will be the phone.


Ladybug Fanatic said...

These are the little things you cherish as they grow up :) Cute story.

Jenn Greeley said...

When you have a social butterfly in your house, your phone never stops ringing. It won't be long.

Becky said...

Oh, he is too funny!! My boy always went for the girls early as well!!