Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm 51 weeks early

if you count that I wasn't going to have Halloween pics up until Hallo '09. So, ya see, I'm an overachiever after all!!!


So, this is what I looked like after L got ahold of the face paints. Only on Halloween my friends...

And here's my kitty cat...we used only items that we already had - it was great! Black leotard and leggings, headband with black pipe cleaners to make the ears. Once of Lance's socks pinned to rear for the tail, and face painted whiskers!

My robot....he even spoke "robot" and he was the hit of the evening...everyone commented on his costume! The only thing we bought for his was a dryer vent and silver spray paint. The rest is boxes and aluminum foil. Lance and N did a great job putting this together!

And here's Lance...a black eyed "P"...ha, ha, I know...

This was their first of our neighbors answered the door dressed like Audrey Hepburn. It was great!



Jenn Greeley said...

Cute! So what were you?

MommaJen said...

I said I was a soccer mom, but clearly I was a mess!

Christine said...

Thanks for your comment, J!

Thought I'd pop over and tell you my super amazing news - I found the birth family to my Haitian children! Took me six months, but we have located a Canadian that ministers in Haiti, lives in their neighborhood and knows them well. She will do all of the translating for us to maintain contact!!


Becky said...

Great pics!!! I'm so glad you post pics now!!! LOVE the costumes, cat and robot!! (Not so sure about the 'p'!! :o) May have to borrow that robot idea in the future!
I can't imagine why you don't let L do your makeup daily!!