Friday, November 7, 2008

One more thought on the election....

Okay, I've changed my mind. I will tell you who I voted for in the election. Not because I want you to be like me. If I wanted that, I'd have been posting about it for months. No, I decided to reveal my choice, because I shouldn't have to hide in "shame". The post at is beautifully written and it echoes so many of my thoughts, though not all. I'm sorry I couldn't get the link up, but her blog is also listed in my sidebar to the right. It's called Welcome To My Brain.

I'm tired of living in a society that believes that all good Christians must vote Republican. I'm an imperfect Christian, but I do feel that I'm striving to be more like Christ and that I truly want to be more like him. I want to love on those who are "the least of these". I want to serve others. I do believe there are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all out there who are Christ-followers. And, I also believe this nation was built on freedom of religion. We cannot expect our leaders to always believe what we believe. This is not our church, people. This is a nation. The Israelites were not always under godly leadership. The New Testament was not always under godly leadership and yet, God still provided. God will provide no matter who our president is. Whether it's Billy Graham or Marilyn Manson.

I've never voted a straight ticket in my life. I vote for the candidate and the issues and I also know that even if a candidate campaigns for one issue doesn't mean that they won't change sides once they are elected. We must not put our faith in our politicians. We must honor and pray for them.

'Nough said. Subject closed. Please stay tuned for more family-related topics in the future!!!


Jenn Greeley said...

Good for you!

Dad said...

I didn't vote for YOUR candidate. But now he is going to be MY president. And I am going to be pulling for him just as I have been pulling for President W. He's got the job and I'm not going to be able to be in the room with him at all times watching him so I'm just going to have to trust him to do the right thing. Course I'm used to being forced to trust! I have to trust you to raise my grandkids. I have to trust a pilot to fly the plane. I have to trust the drivers on the opposite side of the road. And now I have to trust President Obama to serve my country. I guess I could choose not to trust. No, don't think so. That sounds heavy. Learning a lot from you, Dad

mom said...

I am so proud of you for expressing "my thoughts" so well. I think our country made the right choice--not perfect--but no one is. I hope this will help broaden thinking and help more people to think for themselves rather than accept what a party or religious group says we should believe and do. I have taken grief for my stand on this issue from family and friends and you will as well. That's ok--independent thinking is good and stretches us to learn and grow. I'm happy to have two children who are good at thinking and deciding for themselves---even when the parents are on opposite sides. Funny how life works--the older I get the more tolerant and "liberal" I become. I think the opposite is true for other members of the family! Keep up the good writing!

Becky said...

I think it is a sad day that our two political parties have moved so far away from the foundations that they were originally built on. Me, I chose to stay behind the party who's core values and beliefs best fit the Word of God. I believe it's my responsibility to vote as close as I possibly can for those who value the things that God does. I take a major stance when it comes to the value placed on human life. That value is not there in the party in which our new president belongs.
I don't know if many people are aware of the core differences behind the beliefs of each party. That would make for a good post.
I will be as your dad said, trusting and praying.......and know that God will honor that.

Hendrick Family said...

I'm glad you are "coming out!" Ha!

I do think, even if we disagree, that we need to be transparent and share what's on our hearts. We also need to be open...all of having our ideas and thoughts being brought back to the Word of God. Being open to having our ideas checked out by scripture is one way God constantly grows humility in us.

I thank God we don't have to think through these huge things all by ourselves, but that when we're open and honest with one another, we can question each other, point out things we might be missing, or other scriptures to help clarify, or even sometimes dispel the things we're thinking. The body is so valuable that way.

I need to go back through scripture and really research this, but when I first read your post, I couldn't help but think that the Nation of Israel was under ungodly leaders, because they totally disobeyed God. He didn't want them to be ruled by a King, but they insisted on having their way. And then, when they wouldn't obey (even though God warned them this would happen) God allowed them to be under ungodly leaders by being taken into captivity. So, I know they were under ungodly leadership, but right now, (before going back and double checking) I think it was always because they decided to do things their way instead of obeying the Lord.

Again, Jen...I love your heart, and I'm glad to see you aren't hiding anymore.