Thursday, January 15, 2009


Life is hard sometimes. This week is one of those times. This week, Lance and I've watched two young people make some poor decisions. One of them has very drastic consequences for his future. Both of these came from troubled homes. Homes where they weren't really wanted, homes were they were basically on their own. They've both worked hard and tried to do the right thing. Life is hard when you don't start out with a good foundation. My heart has broken over these and Lance and I were ready to welcome one of them into our home. Another place has been found, but we know we are both willing if she needs to come live with us.

It's so hard to understand how a family could not invest in their child. But, maybe, they themselves weren't invested in and so the vicious cycle begins.

It seems if you begin life poor and/or uneducated, there is alot stacked against you. Even if you try your best, there are obstacles at every corner. We've witnessed these first hand this week with these students and yet, I know there are thousands, if not millions more out there in the same situation or worse. I don't understand this. My heart aches over this. I want to fix it, but I'm one person. Lance and I still feel called to love and serve others, particularly young people, but sometimes it's just overwhelming. I know God doesn't expect us to save the world and thankfully there are many others who also feel called to serve and love. Sometimes, you just want to see the "success" stories and see someone overcome. And maybe, that's not for us to see right now. Maybe later.

So, this post is a little down, but quite frankly that's where we are today...a little down. Things will look up soon, they always do, but life is hard. And for many, it's hard most of the time. For us, we really have it pretty awesome most of the time. Some of this is because of parents who gave us a great foundation and are still supporting us when we need advice. Some is because we were able to get an education and provide for our family. But, none of it is because we are better than anyone else. We have to remember that and remember that To Whom much is given, much is Required. We have a responsibility to give back and to give without looking out for ourselves. To give as Christ gave for us.

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled lives...


Jenn Greeley said...
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Jenn Greeley said...

Its amazing to me how parents can just drop their kids from their lives. I myself have parents that are very involved in my life and have given me the knowledge and resources to do the same for my children. I'm blessed. The best thing for those of us that have had the opportunities is to do exactly as you those that can't help themselves. You're doing more than you think.

Becky said...

Sad but true post. Lots of great reminders here for all of us!
I pray that all works out for these young people! I'm thankful they have you and Lance in their lives, that has to make a difference!!!

Emily said...

The world needs more people like you!