Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new day

Well, in case you didn't notice, I took at little bloggy vacation. Blogging is something I REALLY enjoy, but I wanted to break free from technology over the holiday break and so, I did. It was nice.

Lots of fun things happened and I will write about some of those here this week.

The one I've chosen to post today was chosen because it was the most emotion-filled for me. The kids and I made a trip to Houston last week to see L's birth-half-sister. I know, it sounds complicated, but it's not. It's beautiful. And it was even more so this time. L's sister is going to be 12 later this month and she's in love with L. She has been since the day L was born. But, this time for the first time, L fell in love with Rachel. And it was glorious to see, but if I'm honest, also a little difficult. Why? Because these girls want to be together. And in a perfect world, they would be. Unfortunately, because of decisions made by their birthmom and her family, they aren't. None of us adoptive parents would change this now, because we each have beautiful girls that we love. But, we would love for them to be together. Their love is pure. Now, I know that if they did live together, they would probably fight and their age difference is large (just over 8 years), but shouldn't sisters be together? Adoption is like the rest of life. It's messy, it's hard, there are struggles, and things aren't perfect. Adoption doesn't end when you hold your precious child in your arms or when the court case is finalized. Adoption is forever. In fact, we are living adoption more in our family right now than we have since the days we were actually waiting or under supervision.

We are so fortunate to have formed a family bond with Rachel and her family. We are so fortunate they live in Houston and not across the country. We are thankful that in the years to come they will be able to help each other thru some difficult days and some joyous ones as well. I'm thankful for a sister for my daughter...I always wanted a sister!

As L cried out to stay longer and Rachel begged us to stay longer, I had tears in my eyes. L has continued to talk about Rachel each day since we've been home and I know we will need to make another trip soon. Maybe just L and I this time.

And now, some of L's favorites of the day:

Playing with the puppy!

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Being treated to a ride to the park!


Jenn Greeley said...

Wow! Rachel has changed so much from the last time I saw her. I'm so glad L is able to see her.

Bri said...

What beautiful girls! I think they will have an even more unique and special relationship because of their distance. My sis is 7 years younger than I and we have been closest when we haven't lived together. Obviously it won't be the same, but beautiful and special nonetheless! How blessed they are to have parents that encourage them to nurture thier relationship!

Jeannie said...

What a touching post...I almost got tears in my eyes just reading it. You are so brave but so loving to keep Rachel in L's life. She will really thank you one day. And I agree, the distance and the age difference could be a real blessing - they will appreciate each other all the more.