Monday, January 12, 2009

Today, I am Wise

Today, I am Wise...Tomorrow, who knows?

When we got home from school today, N had a friend waiting to play with him. But after about 10 minutes outside, he came in and said his friend didn't want to play anymore. Then, he started crying, telling me that his friends at school did the same thing. Hmmm...friends at school and home behaving the same way?!? What is the common link? N.

So, the wise momma that I am today, gave what I thought (hoped) would be good advice and prayed that the boys on the street would respond well to it. You never know if they will be co-conspirators or not! On his way out the door to play again and give it another shot, N said, "Thanks for the advice, Mom" Wow! That made me feel great!

And the best part? It's been over 30 minutes and he hasn't come back! I just peeked out the window and the bike-riding adventures continue. There is homework still to be done, but for today, the playing takes priority for a little boy who needed his friends. We all have days like that don't we?! I'll take friends over housework too!


dad said...

I figger tomorrow you'll be wise again.

Emily said...

That's awesome! Sometimes we all need a little momma advice/pep talk. Crazy how kids can be so mean to each other.

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Yes, we all need a little advice sometimes. Funny how my Mom carries that into too much advice even now when we are all grown and married adults ;)