Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The night, it was a long one

Don't be fooled by the sweet girl above, we've had some sleeping issues at our house this week. And by "We", I really mean L and as a result, me. The boys, not so much.

Monday night was the worst, L could not get comfortable. With the coughing and hacking and squirming and what not, it was a very.very.long.night. I went to sleep somewhere in the vicinity of 3-4am and I'll tell you, it's surprising what you hear at that hour. L's bedroom is at the front of the house and I was surprised at all the activity on our street. Apparently, the middle of the night is primetime for some folks.

But anyway...last night was shaping up to be and fear, loathing and depression were hanging over my head at thoughts of the night to come. When suddenly, we realized what the source of all the squirming and thrashing itching boo boo. This boo boo was itching so bad, sleep could not happen. So, I'm extremly thankful for the 24 hour drug store where Lance was able to obtain a lovely anti-itch med also known for helping to induce a sleep-coma. Within 20 minutes, the gal was sacked out and I could stop hyperventilating.

So at this point, Lance and I decided to watch our DVR recording of American Idol. I know many of you don't watch, but there was one classic part last night, I just have to share...

There was a geeky-type guy (freshman in college) who was trying out. He couldn't sing. So, Simon asks him, "where do you see yourself in 10 years? If the sky is the limit, where do you want to be?" And I kid you not, he said, "Living in a simple house with some nice floors, perhaps marble, I really like those." Insert laughter here. We really shouldn't be laughing at this. There are far worse ambitions in life, but it just sounded so funny. So, today, I asked Lance-- What is your dream in life if the sky's the limit? And the answer was not marble floors.

Sleep ---it is my goal for tonight. Otherwise, it's quite possible everything will become funny to me.


Jenn Greeley said...

Its amazing how sleep becomes a cherished thing when you are a parent. I cannot tell you how much I miss my naps....someday, someday.....

Becky said...

So glad you figured it out and sleep came!!
Steve and I love watching Idol!! Crack us up........the auditions are the best!!!