Friday, January 30, 2009

The Night Sky- a Reminder

Last night as I was driving home from Bunco, I saw two amazing things in the night sky. One of them is hard to see well in pics... a beautiful shooting star!

The other was a beautiful orange moon.

It's so amazing to see these wonderful sights and to know our Creator gave us these beautiful things to delight us.

I needed a delight this week. Things have been discouraging for me. My old friend, anxiety, has made a return this week. Not a glaring panic-attack return, but a quiet, depressing, negative-feeling return nonetheless. I'm hoping he will leave me soon. I don't like when he visits.

I almost didn't go to Bunco last night. I wasn't in the mood, but Lance encouraged me to go and I'm glad he did. Sometimes he can push me to do things that I really NEED to do, but wouldn't if it was up to me. But, I had a wonderful time! It was good to catch up with friends and hear about their kiddos and things going on in their lives. I was uplifted. And then I saw the sky and realized God always loves me even when I'm unloveable. Which quite frankly, I have been a couple of times this week. I'm thankful for a husband that can overlook those moments and love me through them. He has definitely taken on more than his share this week.

Here's to a fabulous weekend even though it does include Football! :)

No really, I'm excited, because we are having a Super Bowl Party at our house and I know my house will be really clean. At least until the doorbell rings! :)


Emily said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue :-( I sorta had one of those weeks too...I'll tell you about it sometime if your interested. Glad you enjoyed bunco, I felt so bad for missing, but because of the change of date, my schedule was already posted at work. I'm looking forward to bunco at your house next mom will be here, so she would love to be a sub!!! I'm sure we'll need atleast one!

Jenn Greeley said...

I hope you feel better....I know that feeling. Just blah, in a funk I call it. You just don't feel right.