Friday, March 28, 2008

Dr's visit

Well, I was right....L has grown substantially in the last year! No more petite little gal!!!

Her height puts her at the 75th percentile and her weight is at the 50th percentile - if she can keep these stats her whole life, that will be awesome! I definitely think N and L will both be taller and leaner than their parents!!

L was in a great mood all morning; unfortunately that all ended the moment we entered Dr. Meyer's exam room. She immediately starts crying and says..."I don't want a bandaid" Now, this is from the gal who usually wants a bandaid everytime someone breathes wrong on her, so I know it's not really that she doesn't want a Garfield bandaid. Nope...I realize she has this whole dr. thing figured out. She knows she will get a shot!! And she was RIGHT! Fortunately, today it was only one, but wow, did she milk it for all it was worth!!!

Tonight, we are hosting some college students from our church for the dessert portion of a regressive meal. It's the reverse of a progressive meal. That's right folks...they get to eat their dessert first!! It should be fun; Lance and I have prepared 5 different desserts for them to select from and I hope they come hungry - we definitely don't want all these desserts hanging out at our house all weekend!

Have a great weekend!

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