Monday, March 17, 2008

My baby is three

My sweet baby girl, L, is a baby no more. It pains me to think of how quickly the time has gone. The sleepless nights, the illnesses, the temper tantrums, everything that I thought would go on forever....well, some of these things do remain :)

She is 3 now and what an exciting year that will be - lots of changes in the 3 year old year - by this time next year, she will be a different girl.

We celebrated her b-day on Saturday in Dallas with my parents, brother Paul and sis-in-law Mindy and their 4 kids: E -5yo; A-4yo; O- 2 yo; and H - 9mths. It was a good time. Mindy made a beautiful Ariel cake - the little mermaid - complete with ocean colored icing - she loved it! We had fun enjoying the cousins and playing. L got some neat gifts and her favorite was her "boombox" She has become quite the little singer and loves dancing! She played D-Jay yesterday and her favorite song is "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid soundtrack. She put on her finest princess dress-up clothes, sunglasses, and danced the afternoon away. It was great!

Our spring break trip was very fun - we spent lots of time at the park playing; we rode bikes; explored creeks; went to Build-A-Bear and the zoo. Grandpa took us on a wilderness adventure where we found a big river and threw rocks in a creek. Nana had special treats and spoiled us for a week. We are relaxed and ready to get back into the routine.

Hope you all had a good Spring Break or will have one if you haven't gotten to break yet!

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Becky said...

Happy belated Birthday L!
Gee, didn't we just get these tiny baby girls yesterday???!!!!!