Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a fun, relaxing weekend with family and friends!

Friday we had Rachel, L's birthsister, with us for the day. It was a fun time. The kids played in L's room, we went out to eat lunch, and then spent the afternoon at the park. For the first time, N (big brother) was not included in the relationship. Rachel and L are beginning to develop their own special time. It's wonderful to see.

Saturday morning, we went to the egg hunt at our church. It was fun to see all the kiddos excited about hunting eggs and playing with their friends. Saturday afternoon, I took N to play glow-in-the-dark PutPut while Lance took L for some special daddy/daughter time. It was fun to have some one on one time with N - we got to have some more indepth conversations that usually occur when little sister is around!

Saturday afternoon, we met our adult SS class at the Nantucket lake for a time of fishing/picnicing. N has LOTS of fun fishing with Lance and the "Big Kids" - he is a good patient, fisherman, which really surprises me since his personality is usually so active! But this is something special that he and Lance enjoy doing together. I chased L around to make sure she didn't end up in the lake! We followed the "big girls" around and L tried to do what they were doing. It was fun to enjoy the time of fellowship with other families from our church.

Today was a day of worship and Bible Study followed by lunch out. Then Lance and I took the kids to see "Horton Hears a Who". After the movie, Lance and N headed out to our Castlegate lake for more fishing!

All in all a great time of celebration of God's love and mercy on our lives.

This week, we are back to soccer practice for soccer season and on the road to the end of the school year!


Anonymous said...

For a parent to read this and reflect, this was what motivated us since before your birth. You are living our dream for you. But, of course, it is not really "our" dream. It is really your dream. And then again, in a sense, it is not completely your dream either. It came first and comes still from our Creator. But you are in harmony with Him.

You may want to re-read what you wrote and pretend that it is 2035 with N or L's doing the writing.

Jen, you made my day! Again!

Luv ya, Dad

Aren't you glad we have so many days like this?

circus of love said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Lots of fun!!! We went to see Horton last week too. Elijah has already asked to go see it again.

I just had a recollection of your dad taking us to church probably for handbells or something...and he would call me Gertrude. I remember thinking he was so funny. I bet he is a super Grandpa.

JennGreeley said...

Those are the best kinds of weekends. Ones that you and Lance and I'm sure N and L will look back on with such joy. Happy memories growing up are so important. I'm thrilled to hear that Rachel and L had fun sister time. Its only going to get better.

Becky said...

We planned to see Horton on Friday but, just didn't get there! Need to go before it leaves!
Start posting pictures!!! Want to see the fam!