Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rachel's coming to visit!

Rachel is coming tomorrow to stay with us for a few hours while her parents go visit an elderly relative. For those who don't know, Rachel is a precious 11 yr. girl, who just happens to be L's birthsister. These beautiful girls share a birthmom, but have different birthfathers. For many reasons, Rachel's family was unable to adopt L when she was born. It has proved to be a difficult decision for them (especially Rachel). Rachel has craved L from the beginning. We have the most precious picture of Rachel holding L when she was 6 wks old. We haven't seen her and her parents as often as we would like (they live 2 hrs away) but we are doing better!

The girls are 8 years apart which is HUGE right now, but on our last visit in January, L followed Rachel around and they read books together, and painted fingernails together. My hope is that in the years ahead, they will only grow closer. I'm thrilled for L to have a sister (it's a wish I always had for myself growing up - no offense, Paul!!!) and even though they don't live in the same house or family, I do believe they will be a lifelong support for one another. Rachel has had to deal with some very grown-up issues in her short life and even though L is largely sheltered from those due to her age, I know it will be helpful having Rachel in her life.

We love Rachel. We love her parents. We are so thankful to God that he has intertwined our families. God has a perfect plan for us - sometimes it just takes time and patience for us to see it. He's not done yet - there will be more to come! Can't wait for the adventure!

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JennGreeley said...

Oh yay! I hope you all have a wonderful time together. What a great Easter present.