Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mud puddles!!!!

Oh how I wish I knew how to upload pics on my blog! Lance is going to have to help me over Spring Break - I'm technology-challenged to say the least!

My kids LOVE playing in the mud!! It happens every single day that they are able to play outside. We live on a fairly new street. The last 5 lots have just been purchased and new houses are about to go up - there are dump trucks and workers around and this creates a BIG MESS and the neighborhood kids love it - mine included.

Yesterday, my son was playing capture the flag, hide and seek, and kickball with the neighbor boys while dear L - my tomboy daughter was playing in the mud. We are talking sit down in it, jump in it, stir it up with a stick, and plant our hands in it kind of playing. She even tried to drink it at one point!!! And while I really don't love the kinds of baths that result from all this playing or the laundry that is required to clean up this mess, I have to say.....I'm thrilled that my kids have a love of the outdoors!

I grew up probably as many of you did, telling my mom goodbye and being gone for hours on adventures in the neighborhood, or down at the local park/creek area. It was a great time of childhood and one I want my kids to have. Yes, there are things we have to look out for - bullies, strangers, even SNAKES, but I want my kids to have these memories, not memories of video games and TV. I love being outside with them enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of our neighbors.

Once the boys got done with their "big boy" games, they too joined L in the mud - 6 boys and my dear L - all jumping and splashing everywhere. It was great!

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Becky said...

Yes, we love that about our neighborhood. Lots of kids out playing and the parents watching and talking! Pics are easy! Just find the 'add picture' icon in the new post box. Click it and it will upload pics from your computer! Definately need to see pics of playing in the mud!!!