Friday, March 7, 2008

Snow and potties - no not together!!!

As we were eating breakfast this morning, huge beautiful snowflakes were coming from the sky! They were falling hard and it was great. They won't stick, in fact, they are already gone, but while it lasted, it was wonderful. N is obsessed with snow and in particular Alaska (which has lots of snow!) It was a great gift for him to get to see the snow - especially since we rarely see any here in the tropics of southcentral Texas. N wanted to call his nana and tell her all about it - which he did and grandpa too!

On another note, Miss L, almost 3, used the potty twice yesterday!!!! This is a huge step for her and one I hope continues to grow. We'll have lots of time during Spring Break to focus and hopefully she can master it. Lots of exciting times.

I will log off today for about a week as we enjoy our Spring Break - see you afterwards with more news!


circus of love said...

So when will she be #3 will be 3 on June 3rd. Not doing well with the pottie. Will sit on it for an hour before she even goes. UGH!!

circus of love said...

BTW...I have a new blog address...
...just thought I would let you know.
If people use the link on your blog site it will give them the link to my new site. Just thought evans makes six sounded weird but it was all I could think of when I was trying to think up my first blog site's name. :)