Thursday, March 27, 2008

In a Bloggers Slump....

Is there such a thing? I think so, for this week I seem to have hit it. This is one of those rare quiet weeks where things seem to be sailing along smoothly. It's one of those deep-breathing weeks!

Some highlights:

Soccer practice started again on Monday evening - we have a couple of new players on our team and everyone is excited to get going again! Lance is coaching again with the assistance of Carlos - our first game is Saturday!

L continues to "dabble" at potty-training. She told us this week that she doesn't like our potties at home because they aren't the right size! We have the little portable plastic kid potty, but N said, "let's get her a little potty like she has at school and church!" Uh, no, we aren't going to have a built-in LITTLE potty at our house. To which he replied, "oh yes, when she outgrows it, then it'll be ready for the next baby!" I don't think he quite gets that L IS the LAST baby!!!

Tommorrow is little L's big 3yr check-up. She has been a petite gal since birth, always at the low-end of the charts (as opposed to her Bubba who is in the mid-to-high end) I feel like she has grown ALOT this year, so I'm curious to see where she ends up!

That's really about all for this week - pretty quiet for now! Stay tuned!


Becky said...

She'll get there with the pottying! You know not to rush or power struggle....altho, it's hard not to!

JennGreeley said...

I love that, "the next baby." That made me chuckle.