Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The morning after!

Bunco was lots of fun last night - we ended up with 3 subs and they added a lot to the evening. We had Kimberly, from Australia; Ellen from England; and Ginny from Wellborn. In our regular group we also have Emily from Iowa and Laura from Maryland in addition to us Texas gals. Gotta love College Station,TX - it's a small town like no other -

After prizes were awarded, we had an interesting political discussion and chat about politicians who cheat on their wives. You have to wonder if there are any honest ones out there who keep their commitments. Does the power make them lose touch with reality? Do they honestly think they won't get caught?

After the gals left, it was kiddo duty. Lance got them bathed, but they were anxious for some momma time. L is going thru a rough spot this week getting back in her routine after Spring Break. She ended up falling asleep in my arms at 10:30 and then did not want to get up this morning. Hopefully, this evening things will settle down and we can get back into our routine. N has been very helpful and even volunteered to clean his room and make his bed yesterday - I was so proud of him!

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