Thursday, March 6, 2008

It was like, my bestest day ever!

That's what I heard yesterday when I picked N up from school.

The reason for his bestest day ever.....his first field trip!

Since the "big kids" at his school were taking the TAKS test, the principal decided to evacuate the little ones for the day. So, my son and his classmates got to go to Oil Ranch about an hour from our town. Fortunately, Lance was able to take the time off and go as a sponser. He said the kids were really good and it was a neat place - somewhere we as a family would enjoy going.

The highlights of the trip according to N:

Riding on a school bus - "It's way taller than momma's truck and I got to sit by the window and Joseph and I played rock, paper, scissors all the way there"; "why can't I ride a school bus everyday?" (perhaps because the school is in our neighborhood?) :)

Feeding the cows their pills - Lance said they were some kind of feeding pellets and they actually did look like pills

Petting the chickens - that sounds interesting, I've never really thought of chickens as being pettable, but I guess they are!

What is very interesting is that my dear N who has absolutely been in love with trains almost from the moment of his birth, barely mentioned the train that was there. Lance told me more about it than N....I think it's a sign he's growing up...wah!

Now, tomorrow is the kindergarten trail ride to our local neighborhood park - they will have bounce houses, games, cookouts, what I'm waiting to hear is....."This was like my bestest day ever!" I'm so glad he has so many of those!

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Anonymous said...

I loved field trips as a kid....oh wait...I still love them. I'm so glad that he enjoyed it!