Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled blog

Today, I'm back with kid stories and updates!

Little L - funnies from the last week:

Near our neighborhood, we seem to always encounter a smell from a little black and white animal friend. L says, "Go away Mr. Stunk" - it works! It combines the skunk and the stink in one succinct word! Plus it's cute!

Given that our entire family has very fair complexion, sunscreen is a necessity for our outdoor activities. L, in particular, LOVES applying it herself. She calls it "scrumscreen" - it's so cute, that we correct her, but don't mind when she says it wrong!

N - woke up this morning telling April Fool's jokes. These are all of the kindergarten variety, such as "Momma, the whole world just fell on top of your car. April Fools" OR "Nana's in the suitcase. April Fools!" I love his little sense of humor - it's so sweet and innocent.

On Sunday afternoon, we had a great thing happen in our neighborhood...the gang of boys were all playing kickball when one of them got out of control with his language. The other boys told him they didn't want him playing with them anymore and sent him home. I'm so proud - especially of the older boys - that took courage to tell one of their peers that he was wrong.

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Becky said...

Very sweet and cute!
We often don't correct Agirl b/c it's so cute and when they quit talking that way, a little sad!!