Wednesday, April 23, 2008

End of Year Activities

It's that time of year! Things are coming to a close on this school year and that means lots of parties, concerts, etc!

This is our first year to be completely involved in the end-of-year rush.

We've always been keyed into the high school graduation and all that it brings for our students. I cry along with the parents every year during the video that Lance makes for our church. It gets more emotional each year since we've known these students 7 1/2 years now. We've seen them transformed from 5th grade children to 18 year old adults! I enjoy helping Lance select songs for the video - things that touch me as a mom and I haven't even gone thru 1/3 of what these parents have!

So, for this year, our end of the year commitments are:

the 50's day song/dance at N's school - this should be super cute - he's already been practicing his Elvis dance. He really wants to buy an Elvis CD now - so cute!

the church choir program - he's been quite the little entertainer each year - although, he has matured greatly since the great debacle when he was 4. He was literally screaming the words at the top of his lungs and the entire church was dying of laughter. Lance and I were also laughing, but also a little embarrassed at how comfortable he seemed in front of everyone.

finishing out the soccer season and the resulting team party complete with trophy.

Mommy Makeover Day at N's school....this is going to be hilarious I can just tell - I received the invitation from N on Monday - the instructions are to come to school with a towel, makeup, brush, fingernail polish, and mirror. N tells me, "you are going to get a massage!!" I can't wait - what a precious time with N this will be - I'm sure much laughter will be occuring!

We are looking forward to our summer activities as well - swimming lessons for both N and L and some library time to keep up with our reading over the summer.

N really wants to take gymnastics in the fall. Lance and I really want him to continue with soccer, but I think we've about agreed to let him try the gymnastics and then see what he prefers. My rule is only one activity at a time per child. I want them to both have mostly unstructured play time in the evenings/weekends. They have plenty of time for busyness later in their lives - childhood is for play and creativity. L is going to take dance in the fall - we are trying to coordinate times with a friend of mine so that her daughter and L can take together - should be very interesting indeed!

Hope the end of the school year is a great time of celebration at your house! Enjoy the memories! Don't stress out! That's my motto!

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Becky said...

Mommy Make-Over; pampering day; at J's school when he was in Kinder. was a BLAST!! It was so cute and so sweet!! Esp. the boys pampering their moms! Really special!! Enjoy it!
Agirl is in gymnastics and loves, loves, loves it so, we are not even thinking about dance any time soon. Let me know how that goes!