Monday, April 28, 2008

trip to urgent care

We woke up Sunday morning to sounds of little L. She came and climbed in our bed and spent 10 minutes relaxing before quietly saying she was hungry. While eating breakfast, she starts crying hysterically. Now, I know this could just mean that her milk is not the right temperature or her napkin is placed at the wrong angle, but this time it meant.....

She had a horrible sore on her foot - all puffy and gross and huge! I noticed when she got down from the table, she was only walking on her tip-toes on that foot. It was definitely hurting her.

So, we head on over to urgent care at Scott and White. Fortunately for us, there was only one other person waiting - unbelievable! They took us right back and the doctor was definitely concerned. He told us she would have to have an xray to see if he could tell what was causing this, but that regardless of the xray he would more than likely have to "dig around" in her foot. Okay, gross, but okay.

In about 20 minutes he came back and announced they didn't have any of the numbing cream that would make this bearable for our sweet little 3yo. AHHHH! Not sure why urgent care wouldn't have this! So we head to xray. When we get back we have the attention of all the staff on duty. Now, remember they don't have many other patients.

The dr. has in fact seen something on the xray, and big brother N is fascinated. He wants to see the xray too. So, the dr. prints out 2 copies for N and emails a copy to me as well. I can't believe a dr. is taking the time to do all of this, and then he reveals why.... he is putting off what he is going to have to do to L.

We go in the procedure room. I am sitting on the "operating table" holding L. Lance is holding her foot with a nurse holding her toes. Another nurse is holding her other leg while a 3rd nurse is blowing cold air on her foot. This cold air is the only thing numbing my sweet gal while the dr works. He take a scalpel (AH!) and starts digging around. It's amazing the strength of a little girl when she is in pain. It took all of us to hold her still during the process.

So, what was in her foot causing all this pain?.....a piece of glass. The only thing I could think of was that 2 weeks ago the kids were wrestling and knocked over a lamp. The lightbulb broke. Of course I vacuumed it up, but you are never sure you're getting it all. The dr thinks the glass has been in there 2 weeks and her body just now pushed it out.

L did great for all the trauma she had to undergo. She was so cute at dinner last night, reliving it. In her words...

"My foot was hurting." "The sharp pencil (scalpel) was trying to hurt me." "I didn't like the sharp pencil, it was mean." "Now my foot feels better"

She is on antibiotic for a few days and then hopefully all will be well.

N's take on the whole ordeal...."well, Mom, at least it didn't happen to me."


Becky said...

Wow!!! I'm glad she did so well with that! So glad that they found it and got it out! And yes, what is up with not having any local numbing meds?!! Yikes!!
I know that strength! Over Thanksgiving, out of town at grandparents, we went to Urgent Doc with Agirl. She had an infected toe, white, swollen to 3 times the norm. They had to lance and drain it!! Me, Dad, and nurse holding all of her 25 tiny pounds down and she still about came off that table!! And they didn't even blow cold air on her!

OH, and I'm counting on you to give me a get away suggestion on my blog! Help! Have you two been to Hill Country area? See my post, thanks!

Jenn Greeley said...

I can't believe it just now started bothering her. Well at least its out. Whew!

circus of love said...

My heart hurts just hearing about it. Glad it is over and getting better!