Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kindergarten is awesome!

"Mom, we are learning about amphibians." "Frogs are amphibians." "Amphibians live on water and land." WOW, I don't remember learning about amphibians in kindergarten. I remember learning the "letters" - my kids have known their letters since they were 18 months old.

It's crazy what all they are teaching and what all is being soaked in by N. He is a very curious fella. He's still asking all the "why" questions - he has a thirst for knowledge and I'm so glad he is learning so many different things. I just hope he doesn't ask Mrs. Marshall as many "why" questions as he does at home!!! Can you imagine 19 students asking "why" all day long?!? Kindergarten teachers are super special - I could definitely never be one!

Another thing they work on at school are social values. For example, last week was "Taking no for an answer" - what a great concept - they've had this one a couple of times this year. Now, if we could just take no for an answer at home! This weeks lesson is "accepting criticism". Again, wow! I think these social values could be valuable among adults as well!

Two days in a row now, N has made his own lunch. He did great even spreading out the PB &J - the only thing I did was veto one of his choices. I'm sorry, but I'm just not allowing Pop-Tarts to go in the lunchbox!

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circus of love said...

C'mon mom...what's the deal with poptarts. Ha, ha. I don't even buy them...reduces the whining for them at home.