Friday, April 4, 2008

Bad Momma?!?

Today is one of those days you dread as a parent. After having received only stickers and smiley faces on his behavior folder for over 6 weeks, N came home with not one, but two "reminders" on his folder. I know most kids are going to have behavior issues from time to time. But, the two that were in his folder were depressing for me...

#1 - N was choking a student at the lunchtable

#2 - N grabbed a child by the shirt and threw him down at recess

UGH - if it was simply, N was talking while the teacher was talking or N wasn't paying attention, I wouldn't have been happy, but I wouldn't have worried about him harming someone else. Lance told me not to worry about these, that kids all have bad days and I agree, but.... I just want N to be a nice kid; not a bully....I want him to love his friends and treat them well...So, last night, N wrote a letter of apology to his teacher and to the two students who he mistreated. I hope today will be a better day for him and he can remember to love others.

L also had a rough day at school. She was bitten by a little boy who bites her about once a week - it's almost always over a book. L is very strong-willed and especially when it comes to her books - she is a book-lover and usually has 10-15 in bed with her everynight. L also decided to scream at the top of her lungs several times yesterday to her teacher. The note on L's paper said, "Please talk to L about her screaming. It hurt her teacher's ears." Now, you have to understand, L's teacher is the sweetest little lady, Ms. Afsana, who is not from the United States - she has learned English as an adult. She loves L, but I'm sure she had quite a headache yesterday.

So, after the kids were in bed last night, I had a little cry about my kids. I so want the best for them. Today will be better!


Becky said...

I completely understand!!!!
We have had those times of similiar reports...all the way up to 2nd grade thus far! Parenting is so hard and the challenges just seem to increase once they start school!!
Of course you are a great momma!! We're trying to teach and mold everyday, from our knees!!

Anonymous said...

"So, after the kids were in bed last night, I had a little cry about my kids. I so want the best for them. Today will be better!"

"Bad Momma?"

"A robot momma would have little robot kids that could be programmed to always do the right thing. And the robot momma would never shed any tears. And the robot kids were never struggle, never fail, never seek forgiveness, never grow, never reconcile, never appreciate, never, never ever realize that they need Someone bigger than them in order to live."