Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On my heart

Anyone who has been alive the last few days has seen the story about the "religous" compound in West Texas. This is a sect that broke off from the Mormon church. They believe in polygamy and marrying their daughters off to much older men. The girls are expected to have lots of babies. Our country is one that believes in freedom of religion and I am so thankful. As much as I disagree with what these people believe (and many other religions) they have a right to worship or not as they see fit.


This breaks my heart on many levels. First, that this exists. These men have used power and intimidation to control women and keep them fearful of the outside world. They have in the name of "religion" bound people's lives. Secondly, even though they are now "free", these children have left the only life they know for foster care. Will these children ever recover from the things they have seen/done. How do you help them live in a world outside the "compound"? I hope and pray they receive counseling. Third, how will Texas be able to find homes for all of these children. This is a crisis for a system that already has too many children and not enough money or workers.

Whose problem is this? The state? The federal government? The community? The church? I believe this "problem" belongs to all of us. We all have a responsibility to love others and provide help to others. We each have different ways that we are able to help. Some financially, some with time, some with counsel, friendship, adoption, etc.

God has been speaking to me for the last 2 weeks very clearly about my role in this world. What is my role beyond wife, mom, employee, church member? How does God want me to contribute to "the least of these" in our world? The answer....I don't know yet, but there are some areas God has laid on my heart. I believe God has placed a call on all of us who are His children. I don't want to live my life selfishly, I want a higher calling.

I'm on the lookout for mine, do you know yours? I'll share more later as God reveals Himself to me more clearly.

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