Monday, April 7, 2008

WW update

This is more for my accountability than anything else. I'm struggling with WW this time around. Maybe it's that I've grown too familiar with the program, maybe it's because I had success pretty easily the first time around, or can we be honest here? Maybe just maybe, it's because I'm not as dedicated to exercise as I was the first time around!?! Yes, I think that's it!

So, today at weigh in....I lost .4 pounds - yep, that's right less than 1/2 pound. Now, don't get me wrong, it's better this way than gaining .4 pounds, but still less than the stellar results I'm after! new resolve this week...exercise EVERY day this week. Even when I'm not in the mood, even when the weather is bad (hello, Tae Bo video), no matter what!!! So check in next week to see if I fulfilled my promise here.

Other news from the weekend...

We had a playdate Friday afternoon with my friend, Jennifer and her 2yo daughter, S. It was fun. S loved watching my two crazy kiddos do their thing. It was cute to hear her little 2 yo voice, saying, "N come here." "L come here." She's a sweet girl and hopefully we didn't scare Jennifer away from having another baby!! :)

Saturday morning - soccer and team pictures for N - Lance said the pics will probably come out lots better than last season - yippee! N scored a goal and evidently looked super cute doing so - he was very proud of himself. I say evidently because L and I missed the first half of the game. We were busy trying to have her picture made. I say trying, because she wasn't really in the mood. I had to resort to bribery...McDonald's chocolate shake was well worth the $1.79 I paid for it. Normally, if a child's not in the mood on pic day, I pack them up and we get out of there. No biggee....this time however, we had paid in advance and it was a one-shot, bribery reared it's ugly head...not my proudest parenting moment, but what can you do?

Saturday afternoon was a wonderfully relaxing time of doing laundry and playing with the kiddos and neighbor kids -

Saturday evening we headed to our local amphitheater for a free concert. It was a Canadian band who performs only music by The Eagles. It was a total flashback to childhood songs and was great. L and N completely entertained everyone around us with their crazy dancing and air guitar skills! Lance and I had a great time watching them go! A little kindergarten friend, M joined in the fun as well. He and N had a great time wrastlin' and L was not about to miss out so she pulled her bubba to the ground several times. And one of the best parts....they both fell asleep in our arms under the stars and blankies. That doesn't happen too much anymore - I loved it! Thanks Lance and kiddos for going with me to the concert!

Sunday - lazy, lazy, lazy - I've been feeling down the last few days and yesterday was a big lazyfest for me all day - Lance was kind enough to let me nap for a couple of hours and it was much appreciated. So, I'm thinking with my new resolve to exercise everyday, I won't be feeling down anymore - can we hope?

Hope you all had a restful weekend and will have a great week!


JennGreeley said...

S had a blast too. It was great having you all over. No, you did not discourage me. In fact, I think I'm looking more forward to being pregnant this time than before.

MammaJensKidBrother said...

I almost didn't post this because of who I am and how I handled this issue 20 years ago, but...


keep up the good work. Your results will come. God honors the faithful.