Friday, April 25, 2008


photo courtesy of Flickr - not mine!

N wants to have a sleepover. He is 6 yo and is full of energy (as most of you know!). In theory, this sounds like a great idea, but in reality....I'm not yet sure. I'm pondering the idea. N gets excited when one friend comes over, but more than one AND for ALL NIGHT?!? Will any sleep occur?

Have any of you braved this world yet? Any advice? How many boys would you recommend? If N had his way, he would invite 10-12. I'm thinking 1-2 would be perfect.

I want him to have fun experiences with his friends and I'm so glad that he makes friends so easily - I'm much more reserved than he and it takes me awhile to develop friendships - but a sleepover!?!


Becky said...

Hey! We did not do sleepovers in Kinder. Just wasn't sure he was ready. J and his friend from across the street have had several sleep overs, back and forth between our houses. In fact, that friend is coming to our house this Sat. night. But, that is across the street and only one person! Last weekend, he went to a birthday party sleep over and there were 4 boys. My friend had fun but, said it was wild!
For general sleep overs, we stick to one friend. For J's b/d this year, I think we'll do sleep over but, no more than 3 invited, that's 4 total with him. Not sure I could handle more!
What I can't wait for his sleep overs with A's friends!! Girl sleep!!!

circus of love said...

Can we just avoid sleep overs all together??? I don't know how your parents ever made it through the sleepovers at your house??? We were basically very mild but teen age girls are just nutty. Did we wrap the neighbors house 2 years in a row or was it just once? Don't tell the kids that! :)