Monday, September 8, 2008

The big FIVE!

Today is a big day for my niece, Amelia. She turns 5 today.

Amelia is a spunky gal and has brightened our family! She arrived at a beautiful time in our family, just when we needed something wonderful to celebrate. Dad had just had his triple-bypass and was still home recovering. My sister-in-law's mom had just gone thru cancer treatments. It was a tough year in many ways for Paul and Mindy and then, September 8th arrived....Amelia! Lance, N, and I were fortunate enough to be in town the day she was born and were able to be at the hospital to meet her. This is the only time we've had that priviledge with any of our 4 nieces or 2 nephews!

Amelia started preschool last week and is very excited to be going to school just like her big sister, Elizabeth.

Amelia is also a big sister to Ollie and Hope. She gets the best of both worlds!

Amelia, we don't see you near as often as we would like. I hope you have a great day today on your #5! Your present is in the mail, I'm sorry I'm late this year!!

Aunt Jen


Bri said...

Today is my hubby's bday too. It is a great day to be born!

Jenn Greeley said...

Yay for 5!