Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exhausted, grateful, and exhausted again

My emotions and thoughts are scattered. The last 72 hours have been both a whirlwind of activity and a whirlwind of nothingness. Thanks to the latest in technology, we have known for days about Ike. We've had plenty of time to prepare (which is wonderful!) but also lots of time to think and wait, wait, wait...

Over the last 3 days, we've played alot, watched too many cartoons, and eaten too much junk food. There is something about "hunkerin' down" that just makes you crave Oreos and chips and salsa. I'm still waiting for the brocolli/carrot craving to arrive at our house.

I'm so grateful that our community was spared the wrath of Ike. We had some downed trees, limbs, and fences, but other than that...not much. Our community is full of people who don't know when they'll be able to go home. It may be weeks. Our church shelter is full for the foreseeable future. Hubby and others who've been volunteering around the clock are tired. Mommas at home with their kiddos (who can't go outside and run!!!) are exhausted. (Truly, I'm speaking about me here, but I'm sure there are others like me?!?)

The headquarters of my company is in Huntsville --I think they were hit hard, but don't really know for sure--I do know a lady was killed who lives in the same neighborhood as my boss.

Today, the kiddos and I headed back to the grocery store and boy, that was an bottled water or bread on the shelves. Very little cereal. And a guy from Freebirds was there buying every package of tortilla chips---I'm guessing their chip shipment didn't make it into town. The grocery store was pure chaos, but chaos beats devastation every day of the week.

Pray for the people along the coast of Texas and those in Houston as well. The days ahead will be tough ones for them.


Becky said...

Friday night we were a little unsure still of what would happen here. We put a mattress down in our room and the kids slept in here with us! I wanted them close to me in case it got bad. They loved it!
Saturday was hard, being stuck in to watch and wait all day. We were very worried b/c our families in East Texas got hit very hard. They had lots of damage there and no power. Both sets of our parents finally got power back this afternoon. Not nearly as bad as Galv/Houston but, bad! I wish we were there to help them clean up!
I'll have to face the grocery store soon as well. I just went Thursday and, like you all, after we've been bored and munching for days, we're out of stuff!! ugh!

circus of love said...

Grateful for your safety. Remembering the hunkering down we did several years ago during Charlie and then the other two that followed....days with out power, the piles of trees and other debris that kept growing by the road. John saw a convoy of about 40 electric trucks here in Florida heading that way. Praying for those truly affected by Ike. There is something about distasters that draws people together.