Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Freshman 15?

Nope, I'm not dealing with the freshman 15. I'm dealing with the "Ike and illness 10". What is this you ask?

Well... the last two weekends I've been homebound due to Ike and sick kiddos. What is it about being stuck at home that brings out the munchies? I don't know, but I can tell you that I have to get out of the house next weekend. Or perhaps, I shouldn't buy any munchies.

I've been the same weight for a year now which is good for maintaining but is terrible since I need to lose alot more. I need something to jump-start me again to get me motivated and I haven't been able to find that "thing". But now, since my smaller clothes are getting tight, well, I'm forced to face that I've got to get back on track.

So, I'm outting myself. If you know me in real-life, please help hold me accountable. This is my biggest struggle in life and one I will probably have forever. I'm getting back on track starting today!


Ladybug Fanatic said...

I hear ya on the dieting, but loving food and wanting to eat. I officially started my diet again 2weeks ago and have committed to returning to the size I was when I got married 3 years ago. I have a long way to go, but now that my mind is made up - I'm doing well. Lost 6.8 pounds so far and can't wait to lose more. My best motivation is hearing people talk about me; they think I can't hear them and seeing pics of myself several years ago when I looked so cute. I'm doing WW from home because I still have all their supplies from when I did the meetings. You can do it! Good luck. Let me know if you need help with motivation.

dad said...

What are you measuring? And recording?

Are you fascinated with that measurement? Does the recording of the measurement and the progress it shows serve as yet another incentive?

Is there a public aspect to the measurement?


You have to play games without yourself. Weight is a good thing to measure but you need something else with more pizzazz. You know, I am tracking my walk across America. When nothing else will get me out of the chair, that will. I want to get to the next town. So, how can this become a game? Maybe 5 pounds equals a new handbag. 10 pounds a trip to Canton. I don't know; this is your challenge to rig something up. Maybe you measure the number of "forbidden food items" that come home from the grocery store. Maybe it's the number of vegetables you can fall in love with. Maybe it's the number of different vegetables that you consume in a given month.
Mom and I have dozens and vegetables and fruits in our repertoire and you could count pickled okra and slimy okra as 2 different vegetables; cole slaw and boiled cabbages as different ones. Mom has some great recipes. After 35, it seems that almost every food tastes good; even the ones good for you.

Maybe it's the number of mornings per week that you get up before the household and walk?

Go public to some degree with the measurement. You are already doing that.

Becky said...

Jen, your dad has awesome advice every time I read him here!! WOW!
I totally hear you and can sympathize!!! I worked so hard this time last year and now it's all back that I had lost!
Ike hurt me too! And, Agirl has been running fever since Tuesday night!! SO, no school/work for us Wednesday, in all day yesterday, no school/work for us today! (Dr. said no infection, just virus! So wait we do!) UGH!!!
I have cabin fever and munchies out the wazoo!!
Altho, I did think......perhaps this is God's way of having me home these days to train the puppy!! I'ts like having a baby again!!! :o)
I'm going to use your dad's advice and I think that will help me get going again!!!!
Do you have someone you can walk with in the a.m.?? I've had a friend asking to come over and walk with me in the a.m. If we get that going, you'd be welcome to come, it's not that far!