Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In the midst of the weekend o'illness at our house, I forgot to mention the other family member who fell victim.

Remember this post last week? Well, much as Lance predicted, the fish was not able to recover from the severity of his wounds in Earthquake '08.

Early Saturday morning, L came to tell me that Fountain was not swimming. "He's just still, momma. He's not swimming anywhere. He's not saying "glub, glub.""

Oh boy, I knew as I went upstairs what I was going to find and yep indeedy, Fountain was upside down, dead, in the tank. L wanted to immediately return to the pet store and get another blue fish. Lance and I decided that getting a new fish right away was probably not in the best interest of the fish. We'll work some more on pet care and perhaps try again in a few months.

So, we're back to a family of 4 again. And frankly, at the moment, that's about all I can handle, so it's all good, peeps. All good.

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Ladybug Fanatic said...

Sorry to hear Fountain did not survive earthquake '08. It's sweet L is ready to get another one so soon.