Thursday, September 11, 2008


Happy Birthday Paul!

Today is my younger brother's birthday!! Nothing like feeling old when your YOUNGER brother turns 34! How did this happen? I remember playing "DJ" with him in the living room when Mac Davis and the Gaithers were our songs of choice on the 33 albums. I remember playing Fisher Price little people, riding bikes, playing outside with friends till it turned dark. I remember horrible fights and him bugging me to no end! I remember all the things I thought weren't fair that I had to do and he didn't, because he was younger.

But, I also remember him comforting me when I was down, I remember him being a good sport about having our picture made together in college and the photographer thinking we were dating! (complete with daydream bubble...this was the early 90's folks ---stuff was weird.)

Paul....the only person I knew at the beginning of life that hopefully, I will still know at the end of life. The gift of siblings is so great. I'm thankful to have a brother and I'm thankful that as adults we are friends. Things are crazy busy for both of us right now in the prime of raising our own families, but I know if I ever picked up the phone and told him I needed him, he'd come running! And, I'd do the same for him!

Paul, I hope you have a great day. I love you.

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circus of love said...

So weird when little brothers grow up. I can picture Paul as a kid, too funny. Hope he has a happy birthday!
My lil' bro is 25 now and got MARRIED in May. I was 11 when he was born so I remember changing the boy's daipers!!! Feeling CRAZY OLD!