Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dancing,dancing, and more dancing!

I love to dance! Lance and I danced several times a week when we were first dating - we loved it! At that time, Baylor still didn't allow dancing on campus, and so we had to go to bars to dance. They have since wised up and now allow dancing on campus.We didn't get to have dancing at our wedding reception, we married about 2-3 years early for this to be in vogue or acceptable for a young Baptist couple. No, instead, we had the traditional 2pm wedding with punch and cake - short and sweet!

My brother, Paul, and his bride, Mindy had dancing at their wedding and it was fun! Someday, Lance and I will have to renew our vows and have DANCING!

We've had an annual Christmas Ball the last 5 years for our youth at church and it's been fun - the kids come with or without dates and we rotate partners all evening - it's great and no one is self conscious.

Well, Sunday night at church, we had a square dance for everybody - it was multi-generational. The 3 y.o.'s were really the youngest that were participating (sort of) but it went up to those in their 70's. It was so much fun! I loved watching all skill levels, all generations enjoying the fun of dancing. It's unbelievable that for years, Baptist were against dancing ---boy, they were really missing out! We had some professional callers and they had us trying all different kinds of things and they even had a few dances just for kiddos. So fun, so sweet!

Today, little L starts her dance class and she is so excited - she has been dancing everywhere her chair at the dinner table, in the bathtub...oh the joy of dance!


Ladybug Fanatic said...

Dancing is so much fun...and to watch 3 year olds dance, they can be so adorable.

Jenn Greeley said...

Dancing is awesome! Fun and good for you! I took dancing up unitl I started High School. I want Shane and I to take some Salsa lessons, its a work in progress.

Becky said...

Was it the Barnes' that did the calling?