Monday, September 22, 2008

The sickies are back!

The sickies have arrived back at our house in full force. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

When I picked up sweet N after school on Friday, he told me he was having popcorn burps. Hmmm...'k...but, he didn't have popcorn anytime in the last week. In fact, it was almost a month since he last ate his popcorn and that night, well it ended up in the bathroom. So, not a good sign at all for how Friday is going to end up for us. And wouldn't you know it? Yep, he was back there.

Saturday, he was feeling better and we got out of the house and got some things done, but sister was a grouch the entire day. Couldn't figure it out!

Well, the reason why made itself apparent that night at 3AM....the barking seal was in our house with over 102 temp. She was miserable. So, us girls slept in Sunday morning while the boys headed to church. N was to have his special 1st grade Bible presentation luncheon after church, but alas....the popcorn burps they returned during Sunday School and N's teachers had to find Lance.

So, yesterday at my house...not so much fun. I finally decided to take a shower about 3:45 and yep, you mommas are right, I wasn't in there 2 minutes when I had an audience who couldn't bare Momma being apart from them. I love being wanted by my kiddos when they are sick, I love the cuddling that comes, but oh man, when they are both sick and from two completely different bugs, wow! that's crazy! I'm truly not sure how you moms of more than 2 do it when they're all sick.

So, today Lance is home with L--a visit to the dr. is in order and hopefully some nighttime relief for her and us both...there's not much sleeping going on at our house.

While Lance is with L, I'll be mourning with my dear friend Susan who's dad lost his fight with pancreatic cancer just 2 1/2 months since diagnosis. My heart is aching for her.

And what am I praying for the most at my house right now? That my kiddos don't give each other what they just had!!! No, please, no!


Jenn Greeley said...

Rough weekend :(. Hope the kiddos feel better SOON!

Ladybug Fanatic said...

Wow, does sound like a rough weekeend. Hope they get to feeling better soon so you can get some rest :)

Bri said...

Doesn't sound like fun! I'm glad you can be a great comfort to your little ones in their time of need!

Emily said...

Gotta have bad days to appreciate the good keep looking forward to the good ones...they will be back soon!