Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome Ike!

I'm blogging in a hurricane --o, my dedication is high!

No, really this is the first hurricane I've been in where we actually got some rain. Right now, the wind has been blowing pretty hard since about midnight...I know this because a certain 3 y.o. came and got in our bed about that time last night. Of course, she did go to bed at 6pm last night. You know it is extremely exhausting staying home all day yesterday and playing. And watching cartoons. That will wear a girl out. We were up again at 4 this morning--it's like having a newborn again.

It's also raining a bit---I think today will be pj day at our house--this is an executive decision by momma as daddy is at church serving the guests at our shelter. We have a crockpot full of cowboy stew and nothing else on our schedule--this will be good and perhaps L will stay up until 6;15 tonight!

We do live an exciting life!


Emily said...

Other than the rain and issues that other people are facing, I'm enjoying today very much! It's a pj day here too...along with laundry, some baking/cooking, cleaning the house, and of course some stamping! Probably a movie or two as well. It's nice to just have a day where there's no obligation to do anything or go anywhere...just stay home! Have a good one!

Jenn Greeley said...

We've had a lot of rain and wind over here. S sleeps threw a lot, she was down at 9:15 and didn't get up till 7:00. I wish it could be a pj day for us, but unfortunately we still have a wedding to attend. Yes, its still a go...not sure how many will actually make it in for it.